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I was born and raised in Kerala, India, and have loved living there. India is filled with a popurri of cultures, and capturing them on film has always been a passion of mine. Everywhere I go, I never fail to carry my camera so that I can always capture a precious moment. For me photography has always been much more than just a mode of expression. Each of my photographs captures the very essence of the subject, taking in every smile, every wrinkle, and every expression. Photography has long been an art form in itself and has become both a medium of self-expression as well as of self-involvement. A picture is a snapshot of a moment in time - a moment that can forever be re-lived long before it has fallen prey to the sands of time. In our modern times, photography has become a rapidly expanding community, and with the advances in cameras and technique, it has become the digital canvas of expression for many people.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much more worth could a thousand pictures be? One cannot simply look a photograph and immediately grasp its full context. Like art, a photograph must be admired from various angles and one must spend a suitable amount of time trying to visualize both the subject as well as the photographer. Each second of time is an unframed potrait of our life. Photography helps us to remember the various moments that have passed us by, yet deign to live on in our memories through faded photographs in the photo album of our existance.

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my photographs with as much pleasure as I have had in capturing them.